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Serving the US, UK & EU
Simply pick either The Classic, The Destination or The Hollywood Video option. If you tick both the Photography option & one of the Video options, you can save 100 by booking them together! If you have particular song or music choices - just put it in on Special Requests. It's all on one page, so just fill in the details, take a photo of the contract on your phone and send it to me at! Make it easy on yourself, and choose a professional team to deliver a video and photos you will treasure for the rest of your life! 
*If you pick The Destination, or The Hollywood or Photography package and upgrade to include The Destination service, travel is inclusive unless the cost to Timbuktu for example is just too much for me, my team, and the gear. In which case I will quote you the best value add on flights cost. Remember I want this to be stress free for you, and I love to travel so will also make the effort - even if your getting married at The North Pole, we can be there - no extra charge for thermals and hand warmers! Below is an interactive version of the contract if you would rather complete it and submit online!

Nice one! Contract Submitted!

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